Saturday, September 26, 2009

Space Academy Website... not 100% appreciated.

Just got a hateful email from Andy Mangles. I've spent so much time, money, years gathering research and I'm hurt, frankly, that this person threatened me. I shake my head. Is this industry ego?
I'm also surprised that the four main people I've corresponded with for years hasn't said anything about it.
Rudeness aside, I'm proud of this. My opinions are mine, other people's beef with Andy are with Andy, though I didn't get my stuff back, either. I thought it was only me. When I found out there were others who "loaned" items that were not returned, I decided to keep a careful eye on him. This email pretty much validates my concerns. The clincher was when he sent two pics and refused to let me post them on the site. Kinda smacks of indian-giver, but, I will honor this.
But, it's up. It's not bad for a first try (from scratch).
I'm bruised, disappointed, and kinda pissed that geocities is folding since a majority of SA sites will now need to be moved.
No good deed goes unpunished...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

ICON missed, sad am I

This is the first ICON unattended in five years. Familiar faces and testimonials... seeing Gino and Scott and Melissa and Peter and James... I miss you all. Maybe next year?

Monday, January 1, 2007

My Goal is not to find the Holy Grail

I don't want to know everything about everything about sci-fi.
I want to be well-rounded. Unfortunately, our society has no place for that or me.
In sci-fi, everyone is welcome!

Science Fiction for Show Low, Arizona

Looking, ALWAYS, for interested parties to discuess anime, rpg, movies, books, FILK...
Please use comment section w/ your email and I will contact you :)
Star Trek Barbie
White Mountains, AZ